• CST has made a significant investment in our R&D department. Our R&D team has an average development experience of more than 16 years. R&D development efforts are focused on our customer needs. Through the accumulation of industry experience and the application of development tools such as DFMEA, PFMEA and industrial leading software simulation, we can develop products strictly in accordance with the industry standards. Our capabilities enable us to meet the rigid demands of the automotive grade components as well as industrial and medical applications. Rigorous process controls and sophisticated end of line testing, enable us to meet stringent customer requirements.

  • The design team takes the following tools to optimize designs:

    Magnetic field simulation software Flux for magnetic field simulation;

    Stroke & force simulation analysis;

    3D design software such as UG and PRO-E;

    Trial production runs, reliability testing and subsequent analysis.

  • CST has an extensive laboratory capable of complete product validation. A partial list of equipment includes:
    thermal shock chambers,
    programmable temperature and humidity test chambers,
    soundproof room,
    noise and loudness test systems,
    life test equipment,
    salt spray test equipment,
    stroke & force tester

    Our laboratory capabilities enable us to perform timely product verification.